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At PolFloors, we offer a full line of garage floor coatings, sealing and epoxy flooring services – Polyurea Floor Coatings, Epoxy Floor Coatings, Concrete Sealing, Concrete Polishing, Concrete Paint.Our floors provide high performance solutions in a variety of settings that include the following:
  • Garage Floors
  • Kitchen Flooring (Commercial and Residential)
  • Bathrooms, Toilets, Lounge Rooms
  • Reception Areas, Showrooms, Shop Floors, Workshops
  • Chemical Rooms, Churches, Warehouses, School Floors
  • Driveway Sealing
  • Car Parks
  • Pathways
  • Patios, Decks, Pool Deck
  • Staircases
  • Epoxy Concrete Floor Finishes

We have been serving for many years and proudly providing only high-standard, quality floor coating, driveway resurfacing, epoxy garage flooring, grinding, polishing and treatments using products from the world’s leading manufacturers. At Polfloors we pride on giving great Service and Quality in Perth.

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Garage Floor Coatings

Our floor coatings provide the best protection from chemical, petrol and oil stains, and are the perfect seamless coating for the tough environment of most household garage epoxy resin floors.


Concrete sealing or epoxy flooring is one of many garage flooring options available today. Sealing benefits:
  • improve the appearance of concrete by adding richness and luster
  • protect decorative concrete from the harsh Australian weather
  • resist the marking effects of salt, grime, dirt, oils and moss
  • make concrete much easier to wash and clean
  • seal the pores in the concrete to restrict the flow of lime to the surface

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  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Large teams available for large commercial jobs.
  • Complete Work Health & Safety Documentation
  • Jobs completed on time and within budget.
  • Provide Internal & External Solutions.
  • We understand the preparation of the concrete is key and work hard to ensure yours is crack and paint free prior.
  • Locally owned and operated company.
  • Superior workmanship and continued support.

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A DIY guide on how to apply an epoxy garage flooring

It’s not difficult to learn the basics of applying an epoxy garage floor or epoxy flooring. There are several easy 8 step plans available on the internet, as well as many short videos which make the task look really very easy. Once you decide to get started, that’s when you realize that the finer details of applying an epoxy coating are actually more difficult than expected. As a result, you end up having more questions than answers.
Note: please be mindful that this guide does not invalidate any definite instructions given by the manufacturer. If any doubt, always contact the manufacturer for any queries you may have.
This DIY garage floor epoxy flooring application guide is a more detailed and comprehensive hand-book of instructions on epoxy garage flooring. In this guide, we will cover the process of application of a multiple coat floor system consisting of primer coat, 100% solids epoxy base coat (with or without color flakes), and a polyurethane, polyurea, or epoxy top coat. This manual can also be used as a guide for epoxy flooring / applying single coat 100% solids epoxy garage floor kits as well as for the one day floor coating (DIY quick cure polyaspartic and polyurea).

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Epoxy flooring options and colors

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Our coatings are available in a versatile palette of colors and finish options ranging from smooth, high gloss coatings to seeded systems that provide non-slip footing, increased thickness and improved durability. We can create combinations of primers, coatings, toppings and sealers to create almost any effect. Whether Industrial, Commercial or Residential, PolFloors floor coating systems provide the “state of the art” of high performance epoxy resin floors. Give us a call for free epoxy flooring quote.


We were referred to PolFloors from a neighbor. Not only was Joanna very professional, but she was also so prompt in scheduling an appointment for us! Now this is quote clear why they have been rated with 5 stars by so many customers. They fixed inconsistencies on the floor before they began laying the flooring which is extremely important. It is more gorgeous than we anticipated!!! We are very pleased and are extremely happy with our new garage floors! Thank you guys!Marek, Wavell Heights
These guys are unbelievable. The did the job in just two days and now my garage floor looks amazing. Now the floor is clean and easy to maintain. I’d highly recommend this company! Ted, North Brisbane
PolFloors did an awesome job on my garage floor! Jo was able to come out and give me a quote right away. She was very laid back and didn’t pressure me on anything. I would definitely recommend this company! Anna, Brisbane