A DIY guide on How to apply an epoxy garage flooring



It’s not difficult to learn the basics of applying an epoxy garage floor. There are several easy 8 step plans available on the internet, as well as many short videos which make the task look really very easy. Once you decide to get started, that’s when you realize that the finer details of applying an epoxy coating are actually more difficult than expected. As a result, you end up having more questions than answers.

Note: please be mindful that this guide does not invalidate any definite instructions given by the manufacturer. If any doubt, always contact the manufacturer for any queries you may have.

This DIY garage floor epoxy application guide is a more detailed and comprehensive hand-book of instructions on epoxy garage flooring. In this guide, we will cover the process of application of a multiple coat floor system consisting of primer coat, 100% solids epoxy base coat (with or without color flakes), and a polyurethane, polyuria, or epoxy top coat. This manual can also be used as a guide for applying single coat 100% solids epoxy garage floor kits as well as for the one day floor coating (DIY quick cure polyaspartic and polyuria).
Our aim is to enable our readers to take advantage from the application tips on epoxy flooring, to obtain a successful garage floor coating that does not only look incredible, but is also free from any problems that come from poor application and flooring preparation errors. Initially, the steps might seem very complicated, but after breaking them down and reading the tips, you will realize that it is not complicated at all, it is just very thorough.

We highly recommend using two people for the actual application process rather than one. That is because, epoxy flooring systems are time sensitive during the process of application. That’s why we suggest using a minimum of two people for the application of the coating. When two or more people install the garage floor, it reduces the risk of errors and also insures that large areas are covered in a short time period.

As mentioned before, this guide can also be used for installation of DIY single coat epoxy paint kit e.g those by VACO, SEQ Flooring or even HiFloors System. Leave out the steps where the instructions on application to the floor begin. These kits allow you to work with a roller out of a paint tray because they are solvent or water based and have a longer pot life and are not time sensitive.