About applying epoxy in sections

A DIY guide on How to apply an epoxy garage flooring

This post is a part of A DIY guide on How to apply an epoxy garage flooring

In most cases, a garage floor can be divided into small sections. This approach is usually used if a single person applies the epoxy. A good way of dividing the floor is to use the garage floor contraction joint or saw cuts as dividers. Measure the square footage and mix the epoxy accordingly

If you have decided for the seamless garage floor look, you will need a freshly mixed batch poured on the garage floor just as you finish back rolling of the prior batch. Mixing takes a few minutes, ask a second person to do this while you finish to back roll the section you are working on.
It is necessary to keep a wet edge going. If you don’t get the next batch going in time, an overlap will create of one section onto the other and it will be visible in the coating.
Keep the wet edge as short as you can. If your garage is more wide than deep, work from side to side and not from front to back.

If you are done with your final coat. It is particularly important to avoid any bugs and critters to come in contact with the coat while it cures. Also prevent leaves and dust form blowing underneath the garage floor.
Close the garage door a foot or so from the floor. Avoid any contact of the garage door seal with the epoxy. Take a cheap plastic drop cloth and tape it to the garage floor, garage opening and edges. This will prevent dust, leaves ,bugs and crawling critters from getting stuck on the coat while it cures.